Any book written in English must follow the language and style of that specific language. However, when you are writing literature review and you are translating it into another language or country, you are supposed to stick to the new language. If you don’t, you might be punished by your teacher.This is called language barrier and makes it hard for scholars to make proper articles. Let’s say that you are writing a literature review for a book written in Chinese, and you are taking words and putting them into English. English is a different language from Chinese. Therefore, you might get some Chinese characters messed up when you put them in English. It is the same with book reviews. Sometimes, the reader might not understand the Chinese sentence structure and feel like skipping it because it has some unknown words that they do not understand.Books written in different languages follow different writing styles and rules. Therefore, it is hard for a scholar to understand and follow all the nuances of these different writing styles, and this results in their books not being of good quality. Therefore, most students when they are in college have to be translated to another language to ensure they can make articles that will pass for a high grade.People who want to do a literature review in foreign language have to learn a foreign language as a foreign language. This makes it hard for them to understand and write the literature review English correctly. A scholar can write it in their own language and get good grades for it.Most people prefer to hire a professional writer to do the work for them. When you are not a native speaker of that language, it becomes hard to write a book review that translates from the native language to another. Therefore, if you find this difficult to do, you should consider getting help from reputable writers online.As a professor, you cannot ignore the importance of a literature review. It acts as a guide to a scholar who decides to read a book and see if they like it, whether they can give it a high rating, and if they can follow what the author has to say. Therefore, you should strive to make a good literature review, and if you get it wrong, you can fail to submit a perfect paper.Another reason why the English language is different from Chinese is that the Chinese language is usually used in businesses. You cannot follow the same writing rules and structure in business where everything is in Chinese. If you find it hard to translate the book review into English, you should consider hiring someone to do the work for you.

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